We have many years of experience in the consulting world, working with change management, HR, strategy, and more across borders for both large and small companies.

Therefore, we are ready to help you.
Our work process
Receive anonymous feedback, gain full insight into your employees' opinions and thoughts, and receive an analysis that you can take action on.
Design and scoping
We engage in a dialogue to uncover the purpose, goals, and how we can cover everything.
Meetning and review
We customize the survey framework so that you gain all the desired insights and are fully prepared to ensure a successful session for all participants.
Session execution
We assist in running the session, ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the day.
Analysis and reporting
We prepare a written report with a comprehensive analysis of the session that you can take action on.
Popular solutions
Let us help with your APV
Workplace Health Assessment
Involved is an easy way for us to make the right decisions. We involve all the necessary stakeholders and get honest inputs. We use it for everything from smaller teams to larger strategies
Nicolai Richardt Mortensen
CEO & Partner - Texta A/S
The result has provided a great foundation for the management team to make the right decisions.
Berit Doormann Kuhr
CEO - Gensam Data A/S
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